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Being Human to society - Treat maids and securities with human touch

Sad story about security people's life, we can be human and make better things in this world!

We all cannot live without security people. For home, companies, banks every where we need security people. Have you thought about their life style, number of duty hours in a day, how long they sleep?

*Sad story: Time lines

# Recently I was talking to my apartment security about his shift timing. He mentioned he came from Assam and takes day duty in my apartment. In evening he get ready and go for night shift in near by hospital. He says their staff wont allow him to close eyes, immediately they complaint to hospital management. So this is clear that he cant sleep in night duty. So later in my apartment WhatsApp group I saw some one complained that he slept for some time when the lady saw him. Which means he cant sleep in day duty too. And since he is in urgent need of job, he cant deny contractor that he cant do both duties. And there is one more security person in my apartment in night shift. His life also almost same.

*Does smart phones can make them happier? With JIO

# I had even noticed that out of 1 security, one guy does not have a smart phone so he cant even spend much time other than just standing and watching around. I had an old smart phone unused , I have given i to him, and he has JIO connection too.

*How to make it better from our end

# So guys, we all want perfectionism in everything. If security is sleeping we are bothered, if house maid is not cleaning daily the entire house, we are having issue. Let us be little generous and human. Ask them the personal issues and if we can help in anyway, please support them.

*Sad story about house maids cooks etc.

# I have seen in FaceBook group where people searching maids for 5000 per month with live in. According to them the maid gets free stay. As a person who knows the current expenses in this world, I know paying 5000 is a cruel thing which you are doing. So i request you all to pay any helper as per the basic standards.

*Let us be human

# As per Indian belief, if we help some one, god is watching.

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