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We are Bangalore based online team who assist people from India to find a solution for their various needs like home maids, cooks, home nurse, parking, house keeping, ayurvedic massage etc. We encourage people to have tie ups for improving their business in this areas.

How do we collect information We collect information through various sources like friends, social media, advertisements etc.

Do we charge anything for this service? Some of our services are free of cost and some are paid.

Ayurvedic Massage - Home Service We have started Kerala ayurvedic massages - home service done by experienced Kalari(Kerala's own martial art) teachers. We use kerala made ayurvedic medicinal oils.
-Please note this service is paid

Need to verify a maid? Doesn't matter you found them through us or yourself. We verify their details for you through a nominal charge.We verify their details like Address, Contact, Proof of id, photo, references, any past complaints etc.

Home Nurse Facilities: In future we also plan to support home nurse facilities across india. To register with us, please submit the request below.

What ever may be your needs like cooking, home cleaning, washing cloths, child care, house help, cleaning, patient care. Using this online solution, you can find best person for your needs.

Caution: We are not responsible for any of the issues a user face due to misbehavior of service assistants listed in our website. We request the users to take preventive measures like collecting ID proof copy, address and whereabout details of your assistants recruited through our site.

Satisfied with our services? we request you to like our facebook page and spread a word about us to your family and friends .

Watch below video to understand us more.

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