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Home nurse activities and precautions

Brief overview

The simple duties of home nurse are to check their pulse, blood pressure each and every day if diagnosed with any disease.

*Health Care:

# Home nurse help in providing health care and recovering patients from disease, illness or an injury.

*Patient education:

# Providing the most effective care to the patient and educating them on their diagnosis is the main role.


# Home care nurses keep an eye on the patient which is so called Observation, they even observe each and every activity of their client and report the same to the physician.

*Emotional care:

# They are also responsible for the medical and emotional causes of their client, Elderly and disabled people feel more comfortable in their homes so we appoint a nurse to take care of them and it's their responsibility to give a good companionship to the client and see to that they don't undergo depression.

*Extended support:

# Home nurses are legally certified and registered, they can give the medications to the patient on their own as suggested by doctor, they can even alter or change the medicine dosage based on the health condition of the patient and still needs to keep the physician informed.

*Support for every simple things:

# Home nurses can also help the patient with simple things or tasks like eating, grooming, walking, bathing, toileting, getting into bed and out. These are the entire simple things home nurses do. They can also help with therapy services if required for the elderly people.

*Do more..

**Assisting further:
- Home nurses also do laundry and even do some light housekeeping works, providing medical support is the main task.

**Family friendly:
- Acts as a member at home and teaches the client and the family to advocate for themselves.

**Monitor every moment:
- They assess the patient's condition during their work time and chart the patient/clients observation.

**Medical help:
- Redress and dress the wounds if any, coordinate with physician, doctor or if anyone else involved in the care of patient.

**Emotionally attached:
- Make the patient feel comfortable with more care and respond to the requests of the client, suggest for the tools that would improve the patients everyday life quality

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