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Precautions while providing accommodation to a live in maid

Brief overview

As we all know that a maid is the main role In our daily life if both couples are professional workers, accordingly few of them look for 24 X 7 maid to stay at home and do all the household work and also take care of their kids, they are so called as LIVE IN MAIDS. For these kind of people here are some precautions on how should you provide the accommodation.

Things to be monitored

# The very first precaution is to verify the maid before providing the accommodation.

# Get the medical checkup of the maid which was recently done before you assure some accommodation, so that you don't get into trouble because of your maids health issue.

# Ensure that the details provided by the maid are clear enough; get the details where the maid worked previously.

# To get a good response or in other words good work from the maid treat her like your family member.

# Provide a good accommodation i.e. food, good place to sleep and so on

# Give your maid much freedom so that she feels that she is at her home, this is because you get a good work done from her.

# Let your children mingle with your maid, do not hesitate, let her feel comfortable.

# Install secret CC cameras for your own safety, so that you can access on your own and you can know what ever is happening at home.

# Give your maid a list of duties so that she won't have time to concentrate on other things and for the better work output.

# Don't share and talk your personal matters with your maid, to be on a safer side.

# Don't scold or harass on them in front of everybody, this might lead into a great issue.

# Keep an eye to who your maid is over a call when you are at home, even if you are outside you can access through cameras

# Frequently ask our children how the maid looks after them, so you get a clear picture on her.

# So, these are all some of the precautions to take away when you are accommodating a maid in your house.

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