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Support to your Utility person OR maid in this Pandemic

Brief overview

The Pandemic COVID-19 has put us on test. All our patience level, our financial, mental, Physical state has been put on test. It is our mental stability and ability to cope up with all types of tensions, stress and disasters; will only lead us to victory on this pandemic.

Lock down effect

Since lockdown at many places in country is experiencing relaxation, all the routine activities are slowly starting with their pace. Similarly in many states the Utility persons / domestic workers / maids have started their routine activities. The smallest negligence or carelessness by any of them risks in quick spread of pandemic even at higher level. But life must go on. Everyone has now accepted that in coming months, we must get along with COIVD-19. All are trying to rejoin their duties and routine with due consideration to COVID -19. No doubt everyone is suffering due to this pandemic, though; the level of struggle may differ. But this underprivileged strata of society is struggling hard physically, financially, mentally due to Novel Corona Virus.

Human touch to maids

For Indian housewives, they mainly depend on maids for their household activities. At this stage it is really needed to adapt humanistic approach towards our maids. They are coming to help us, at the same time they have kept their life on stake. And no doubt, for their family, their life is priceless, as ours. We must consider that these maids / Utility persons must be in need of many things, but might not be able to communicate with us. We must understand their unsaid needs.

One may question: how am I suppose to contribute in this?...... Yes…. Surely you can help… your one step will be the breakthrough for many. Here are 5 simple steps to provide help to your maid:

5 Important steps to be the main support to your Maids

1. One basic need at this outbreak of Novel Corona virus is the financial stability. All we can do is to understand the financial position of your maid. Few minutes’ discussion with your maid, once in a week, is sufficient for you to judge this. It may happen that they might not open up about this topic immediately but by putting some positive examples you can make them speak and if needed try to solve their problem by providing financial help to the possible extent. Your words are important and can act as stress buster for them as it can boost up their trust in you and they can cope up well on financial stability part.

2. Mental health of a person in this Pandemic is also important. The high level of stress may lead to anxiety or depression too. One must try to support the domestic helpers / Utility person / maids to maintain their emotional health. Give your time to them too. Discuss with them their family problems too. Whenever possible try to give some positive solutions to deal with situations at family level. Be the morale booster to them. See to it that they maintain their mental positioning at positive side to overcome difficult times of pandemic.

3. You can arrange for small psychological counseling sessions for all domestic helpers / maids of your area. You inform all Utility persons / maids of your area well in advance about the counseling session and importance of attending such session so that they shall take out the time and will surely attend the sessions.

4. You exhibit the importance of exercise to your maids. Guide them about effect and benefits of 15 mins of yoga & meditation to your utility persons. This is essential for their mental as well as physical health. Tell them about healthy food & eating. Tell them to engage themselves in healthy activities to remove stress.

5. Last but very important is to make them psychologically prepare to handle all types of emergencies. You can make them aware of the symptoms of COVID – 19. Educate them about the precautions to be taken if anyone found positive in their family or in nearby area. Guide them about getting immediate medical help. Give all the necessary important contact numbers such as hospitals, ambulance, medical stores, etc. And lastly tell them that COVID-19 illness can be cured if treated rightly and at an early stage so make them understand that early action in this Pandemic can save life easily.

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