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Driver duties and what things he should take care of in India

Brief overview

The primary duties of a driver are to transport the passengers to their destinations in a safe and comfortable manner, especially when a driver is hired by a family as a personal driver. Here are some tips and details how to be a professional driver.

*Travel duties and safety measures:

# Firstly, make sure that you are sure with location point given by your passenger, be ready with your route maps and check whether the radio is in a good condition for traffic information. You can Google search the hotels, petrol bunks, toll roads for your safety measures. In fact you can also see the ratings of the hotels or lodges before you go there, in order to keep your passenger happy and safe.

*Maintenance of Vehicle:

# Keeping a vehicle clean is indeed a mechanical work, make sure that your vehicle is spotless and has been on a service regularly especially when you are into long trips or drives. Regularly check the interior and exterior parts of the vehicle, keep the fuel level to the maximum because sometimes when you are into long drives you don't find the fuel fillers very easily, and maintain the tire pressure.

*To Be professional:

# Usually the drivers so called Chauffeurs are expected to be well groomed, mannered and cautious in driving situations, self hygiene and dress code as instructed by owner would be appreciated. Being calm at your own self shows the personality of professionalism. Use good language slang when you are communicating with your passenger/owner. Accept the passengers request without any argument. Use of alcohol and smoking when on a duty is illegal and do follow it to be professional.

*Safety duties:

# Safe driving is always expected from drivers with passengers. Maintain a legal license which is required for driving as per law. It's your duty to complete few tests opted by the government before you are hired. Mainly know the Traffic rules.


# Understanding transportation law, good knowledge about traffic rules. Location knowledge of hotels, airline offices and restaurants. Good communication skills required. Being well organized and systematic is required.


# This is a very responsible job position; a professional driver must be punctual, perfect and relevant and must be appropriate enough to attract your passengers. You must be very responsible with the safety of your passengers/owner. You are solely responsible for the overall duties like vehicle maintenance, transportation of passengers /employees, cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle and security maintenance of your vehicle.

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