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Better maids and make maid perform better

Brief overview

What makes a better maid? There are some points which identifies a maid or servant as a good fit for the job. Let us analyse this in detail.

*Work Ethics:

# Any job is a professional job. Ensure what you are doing is always ethical.


# One of the main criteria for a maid. Ensure you behave well with the people including the visitors.

*Time management:

# Always be on time and take permission if you are late for the work. Inform about planned leaves in advance so that the person who deals with it can organise well.

*Communication in multi languages:

# If the client is of different language and if you have little bit communication in that language, dont hesitate. Country like India having maids from different regions.
For eg: A maid who tries to communicate in English will be a good help for foreign clients.

*Dedication in tasks:

# The job gives you a living. So try to be loyal to the job and do all work with complete dedication.

*Appear decent:

# Look always matters. Try to be polite in dressing styles. Decent appearing and well dressed person can make better relation with the house/ organization where he works.

What makes a maid deliver better in his jobs?

**Give compliments:
Always give complimentary comments when the maid does something good. Ths boost his morale and confidence in job.

**Give gifts:
We all like gifts. When we get bonus or gift on Diwali we all enjoy. Similar way why cant we make our maid happy?

**Treat them loyal:
Never start a maid with doubts. Maids are with you for a job for an earning. Give them consideration.

**Treat equal:
Many cases the issue starts when client treat the maid as a servant literally. Understand the value of humanity and never argue with them on their ethnicity cast or creed.

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