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School Transportation

Brief overview

School bus is one of the best mode of transportation to school and the safest mode. Now a day's school buses are more consciously maintained and they are more durable. Here are some facts about the safety of school transportation. Most of the school buses come in different sizes and colors which are attractive, in the same way safety and security is also one of the important things a school transport should have.

Driver safety

# Firstly, the school bus drivers are to be screened and examined in all causes, the drivers must undergo a training that ensures the security and safety of their young passenger's. The school should take an initiative to educate the driver's about effects of consumption of alcohol and drugs. Test to be conducted if the driver is aware of all the traffic rules. Drink and drive specially in case of school buses must be strictly avoided.

Drivers knowledge

# As of today school bus is a familiar sight. School bus services are highly reliable. Students enjoy riding in school bus, traffic rules are implemented in order to keep the children safe so it's important that school drivers must be educated enough to understand the road safety and traffic rules and they know the first aid and medical procedures and other important concerns, so that the parents feel their children are in safe and good hands as they travel to and from school.

Trainings and mock drills

# And additional to this, school administration should conduct drills so that students understand the procedures to be followed in emergency cases such as how to enter and get down the school buses in an organized manner and in case of emergency exits. It's better to train both the driver's and riders for the safety and security purposes.


# Anyways school transportation always doesn't include advantages, it encloses disadvantages also. All school buses has its own and specific route, few of the kids who should be picked up at the earliest has to get up early and do their basic need as earliest, on the other hand few of them reach home early and few late. So these are the main disadvantages of school transportation. But still having a child ride a school bus is safer than the public transport.

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