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Safe-guard ourselves during COVID-19 while working with house maids or cooks

Brief overview

COVID 19 Pandemic has changed the life of everyone upside down. The immediate precautions by Government, to restrict spread of Pandemic, resulted in declare of the lockdown. It is passed 2 months; the country is now witnessing the relaxation in lockdown measures. Life is still far from being normal but slowly the routine activities like in pre-COVID days started resuming.

Lock down effect - House maids

The initial ‘house-hold working’ video posting, ‘helping-hand’ photo sharing on social networking period is now over, and the need of real helping hand at home started getting attention. Senior citizen, working couples, young single residents etc, require work assistance at every step. Domestic helpers / maids /Utility worker, now a day, are the integral part of urban family lives. At this stage these people are the real heroes and they can provide this helping hand to the needy. Working women are completely dependent on maids in urban areas.

Let’s take a glimpse of the need, dependability and importance of Utility persons in India. According to last year’s survey by ‘The Economic Times’ and the report based on that survey, it clearly underlines the importance of domestic help for Indian mentality. It is estimated that around 39 Lakh people are employed as domestic workers out of which 26 Lakhs are women workers. Mainly the underprivileged classes who live in slums, below poverty line are in this field of Utility workers. For daily bread and butter, white collar people can continue their jobs sitting in front of Laptops and producing results by taking the benefit of work from home. But these domestic helpers are still stepping out for their livelihood in the threat of this pandemic. Their lives are at risk but to run their family they have to take this risk.

But this pandemic has taught us a lesson to help each other. So how can we help these Utility persons / domestic workers? The answer is simple. We can allow them to come for their routine job but not without all proper precautionary measures. This will be the win-win situation to both as you will get your helping hand and in turn they will get their bread and butter.

Ahhh….. Many will question…. How can we allow them to be in, at the risk of our lives?.... It is very true. Ultimately, life, may it be yours or others, it is always precious. Here are 5 simple things that you can do while allowing them to resume their duties.

5 Simple things can safe-guard you

1. Mandatory use of face masks and sanitizers:

Always keep a check that All your maids/ domestic workers must use face mask while outside house and also when they are working at home too. Immediately when they arrive at home make them wash their hands and face with good soap and water or sanitize their hands, shoes without fail. One should always keep spare face masks at home so that it is readily available. Make long apron or gown type cloth available to them once they enter home. This will avoid any direct contact of exposed cloths to your home décor too.

2. Train your Utility person for the safety measures:

By now we all are habitual to wash or disinfect the grocery items, fruits, vegetables. Train your maid about purchasing, cleaning, disinfecting and using of all types of purchased items. This will lower your as well as their risk of getting infected. 3. Hiring utility workers from organizations:

This is one important way as these organizations have all the verified data base of maids / Utility persons. This safeguards your security and you can ask for medical certificate before joining this will confirms that the person has undergone thermal screening, oxygen concentration or asymptomatic / symptomatic checking.

4. Pick up n Drop facility:

In your area, colony or in your housing society, the domestic help persons have the contacts with each other and generally it is observed that they stay nearby. If possible, you can arrange for collective pick and drop facility for them or can provide temporary stay arrangements in the colony itself, till pandemic situation improves, so that they can avoid public transportation.

5. Regular checkups:

Regular monthly or fortnightly checkup must be arranged for these people as they are left with no chance than going out for their regular work. This will underline your care for them.

Foot Notes

All these precautionary measures will add to strengthen the emotional bond between your domestic helper and you. Join your hands to help them. They are in need of financial support and you are in need of work assistance. Lets fight this COVID 19 pandemic with win-win situation on either side.

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