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Hiring a Maid and Precautions

Brief overview

In todays hightech world Maid has become vital part of all the household activities. Lets discuss the hiring maids topic in detail. In recent years hiring maids has become need as well as status symbol.

Maids can be hired for many reasons like
> As cook Temporary or Permanent)
> Care taker (For elderly person or bed ridden patients)
> Aaya or Nanny
> For household activities (On timely or hourly basis)

Once you are fixed on your decision of hiring a maid, please ensure following points

Trust worthiness of the maid

# Document verification this is one of the very important point which can not be neglected at any cost. Please ensure from nearest police station you are getting the verification done for your maid.

Job Description Vs work allotted to maid

# You have to be ready with the list of work you wish to assign to maid. Only washing the pots, mopping, and laundry or along with cleaning house, taking care of pets, patients and children in home? Whether you need maid for specific hours or for 24 hrs like live in maid or at times you want maid to stay back at your home over night? Be going ahead with the interview be ready with all the works and time requirement. This will ease your discussion and later avoids confusions.

Verification of the maid by authentic sources

# You can ask for some references where your maid was working earlier or currently working and then collect the information about kind of habits, hygiene, affection for family, working style and nature etc. about your maid. If you are hiring maid from any agency from your locality in that case verification will be done by them for you with some minimum charges. This will ensure safe entry of unknown person in family for routine work. You can ask for the documents like ID card, aadhar card along with address proof. This police verification can attract small amount in thousands as per the local police station norms. But this will be the best way to protect your family.

Cleanliness and hygiene conditions

# Make the things clear about hygiene point of view as in today's date many diseases are occurring because of neglecting simple hygienic practices. You can ask your maid to follow simple and important regime like wearing neat and tidy attire, clean hands before touching food, properly combed and tied hair while working etc . These all points will ensure trained maid in home and you can retain him / her for longer time.

Finalisation of Salary / wages & Leaves Structure

# While discussing job description ensure to be very much clear and specific on wages or salary that you are offering. Before offering salary discuss the current or what is fixed amount paid in and around the areas for similar work. What will be the extra payment for extra work and like wise. Along with job and salary discussions you have to ensure on number of leaves allowed in months and holidays if leaves are exceeding what will be the parameter to decide on salary etc etc.

Technical Know - how and Situation Handling

# To judge on presence of mind for your maid if they are going to be your care taker for elder person, patient or for your baby, you can ask some questions or how he or she will react to certain situations also you can check for the knowledge on technology like how to use mobile phone, washing machine, dish washer etc etc.

Being extra careful

# While hiring maid as care taker for patient or baby you can install CCTV cameras , it can be slightly costly affair but you can monitor maid in your absence as well, it can give you better resolution based on the camera that you are fixing and can have good memory to store the daily scenes for longer period of time which you can monitor anytime on your computer/laptop. Last but not the list , Beyond all this the thing that works is your sense while interviewing a person you can judge how that person would be, his body language, way of talking, response to the asked questions etc etc , this will be the best way of taking call on your decision then and there itself.

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