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Making schools child friendly

Brief overview

The physical environment like buildings and grounds of school is a key factor in overall health of kids too; the buildings and grounds of a school must be maintained to be clean always. Studies have proved that the achievements made by students can be positively and negatively related to the school environment. Here is few information how a school must provide friendly environment to students.

Be natural

# Young children usually choose to be in a natural environment so, organize classroom cleanups daily, cleanup the classrooms daily as the students spend quality time at classrooms it's important to clean them up daily. Cluttered surfaces, cupboards and corners give a good and friendly classroom environment. By this triggers of allergies will be reduced.

More Green

# Green cleaning, pest control must be regularly followed in school premises. Toxic cleaning supplies , furnishing finish and ice melt threaten kids health so it's important to start and keep schools with green cleaning and pest control in order to keep the school with better atmosphere.


# A child friendly school ensures every child that the environment is physically safe, psychologically enabling and emotionally very secure. It's important to recognize encourage and support children growing in a friendly manner. Always aim to create or develop a learning environment in which the child is motivated. This can make the child feel a friendly environment.


# To make a better and a child friendly environment at school don't exclude, discriminate, stereotype on the basis of difference. Promote gender equality in achievement and enrollment. Children are like seedlings, when children are given what they need to build a solid foundation in their young age they can be more stronger to deal with things later, so to build a solid foundation a child needs a friendly environments which should be created at school by teachers by providing nurturing environment as he/she spends much time at school, discouraging the kid is one thing not do with kids.

Technology oriented

# The class room should not be typical and must have more technology, access to technology can help the kids to develop their strengths, a child friendly school can help to fulfill the rights of children and provide them a good education, a staff and parent training to be done and explained how to create a child friendly environment. Having an OPEN HOUSE PARTY at school would help the children to be free and creates friendly environment.

Close to nature

# Now a day's schools will obviously have a huge campus with greenery; so it's a good decision to let kids do the gardening and spend some time playing in the garden so that they feel friendlier than spending much time at classroom.

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