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How do we verify a maid? What are all the options for precautions?

Brief overview

Your maid/servant has access to the most important things in your life - your family, your wealth & your property. Maids play an important role to take care of one's house and in the same way it is necessary to verify the maid for our safety purposes.

Firstly, check your maid's identity. Get all her identity details and check it. To protect yourself in the event that any of your possessions are damaged or missing after cleaning service employees depart your home, ask for proof of bonding in writing before you hire a maid.

*Domestic servant/employee verification form:

# Get the servant verification form, get it filled by your maid or servant which includes personal details, relatives address along with the finger print. Submit the application form at your local police station for domestic help verification.

* Address verification:

# Don't hesitate to visit maids home before they start work with you. It will help to verify their details and also get a clear idea about his family background.

* Criminal database check:

# A general check when you are hiring a maid, to confirm your maid has a criminal background or if she herself is involved in a any legal case.

* Reference check:

# Get help of police. Submit the verification form to your nearby police station and getting the needful information from them and relax further. Ask them previous employer references even if the domestic help is coming through a domestic help agency and contact them and get a feedback.

* Photograph & CCTV

# Ensure that you have latest & color photograph of your domestic Servants for future validation.
# It is a trend now to have CCTV installed at home to monitor maid activities. Install CCTV and inform them about it in advance.

* Specific Apps from local police

# For Bangalorean's there is a suraksha app to get verification of a maid. The application is designed to do away with paperwork and hassles that a citizen has to go through while verifying a tenant, household help or register a senior citizen.

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