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Precautions to avoid Physical abuse during house maid jobs

Brief overview

Domestic maid violence is an assault. A maid or a live-in maid is also responsible for her protection, in order to avoid physical abuse by her owner's. Physical abuse is an act causing injury, which may also include physical abuse, sexual abuse, and physical assault.

Notes on precautions

# Wear clean clothes and descent cloths; be well groomed in a descent manner.

# Before you join a work or start of your work try to make sure CC TV cameras are installed in your owner's house.

# Make sure you don't give lot of lenience to your owner, which would lead to further problems like physical abuse.

# Keep an eye or watch on how your owner would behave with when people are in and around or not.

# Don't share your personal issues such as financial problems to your owner.

# When you work as a live in maid, make sure you register yourself to the nearby police station and share your owner's details, in order to avoid further issues.

# When people decide to hire a maid, they do find out many things and information about the maid. In the same manner it's your duty to find out your owner's details before you start working at some place.

# Don't accept the workload just for the sake of money.

# Set some set of rules for yourself. Be alert if your owner is a little bit unusual, seek for immediate help.

# When you know that your owner is expecting something from you like extending your time of work, just be sure with your statements whether if you can or can't.

# It is ones duty to take care of them and protect themselves from physical abuse, the above precautions might help you. Make sure you register yourself in the local police station before you get into work at your owner's place.

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