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Activities a maid does

Brief overview

Activities which can be assigned to a Home Maid or Home Assistant In this busy life, Maids play an important role to take care of one's house and child as well. Here are few tips to be carry away the activities by a maid for better improvement of our day to day life.

*House cleaning:

# One of the major task a maid will be doing in our home, train them on below activities so that house looks organized. > Firstly, put the household things in a proper place.
> Start up the cleaning from kitchen.
> Dusting of the TV stand, dining table
> Keep up the wardrobe things in a tidy manner, occupying less place
> Use a dark colored carpet in your living area so that u need not to clean and wash often
> When comes to the shoe racks, organize in such a way that your regular used shoes are kept easily accessible
> Try to train the children at home to keep the things in a tidy manner in which, it would help you to clean the house fast.


# This is the purest of human pleasures. > Get out of weeds? A weed is a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered, so keep your garden without weeds using some HOLISM.
> Keep the plants in a position accordingly, like few plants like to grow in sun and few would like to thrive in shade.
> Fertilizer is the best way to improve the soil growth which is indeed required for plant growth.
> When some plants starts to germinate the weeds indeed grow-up, so it is required to clear up the weeds in time.

*Child Care:

# Raising children can be very challenging, taking care of a child is indeed not an easy task, so here are few tips which would help a maid. Train your maids to, > Be very careful about the physical contact with the kid when they are back from outside.
> Don't shout at kids for silly reasons, they might fall in depression, in a very young age.
> Keep the children busy with some activities like building blocks etc... so that they don't get distracted over other things.
> Give them healthy foods like, fruits raw vegetables. Prepare it in a tasty manner so that they would end up eating soon.


# Punctuality is the most important characteristic of all successful people. Punctuality means arriving or doing things at the appointed time, neither early nor late > Be loyal and punctual in your work, so that you can be a trust worthy.
> If you need a leave, do inform your owner prior, so that someone would take an initiative to organize your work

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