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Live in Maids and Hygienic precautions

Brief overview

As we all know that a maid is the main role In our daily life if both couples are professional workers, accordingly few of them look for 24 X 7 maid to stay at home and do all the household work and also take care of their kids, they are so called as LIVE IN MAIDS. Sometimes the live in maid also involves in cooking and so on things. Maintaining personal hygiene especially at work place. Here are few hygiene tips for a maid to follow if you are a food handler

* Follow below steps

-> Wear clean clothes and apron.

-> Make sure you don't contaminate food through illness or some unclean habits. This is the main tip to be followed.

-> Wash your hands and pat it dry, when you start off with cooking.

-> Use tongs or gloves, before you touch ready to eat food with bare hands. Use hair caps in order to avoid falling of hairs into the food.

-> Use a paper towel or a tissue paper to turn off your taps.

-> Don't spit, cough or sneeze over the surface that touches food.

-> Wash your hands when you cough, sneeze and touch your scalp if you deal with food or even if you don't.

-> Don't handle or deal with the food if you are sick, tell your supervisor or owner because few illnesses like hepatitis A might spread.

-> Don't take care of the family or even does your house hold work for 48 hours when you are sick.

-> If you are ongoing with your house hold work, routine cleaning of toilets, hand washing, drinking water area's should be done.

-> Laundry hygiene also occupies the same importance as the others, diseases can be transmissible in a family because of clothing, as a maid its your duty to keep the laundry hygiene.

-> Household water treatment is also a main an important thing to keep and use for drinking, use ceramic filters for drinking water filtration.

-> Avoid refrigerating things unnecessarily, this can cause unhygienic environment inside the refrigerator, refrigerate things based on the environment changes.

These are all the basic and most important tips for all the maids to follow hygiene.

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