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How do we start a maid agency in India?

Brief overview

In this era house maid's play a major role in our daily life and so everyone in this era requires a maid. Here are some procedures to setup maid agencies.

*Examine your recruiting experience:

# Before starting a agency strengthen your recruitment skills, gain the experience understand the recruitment strategies, make your financial setup better.

*Research on laws related to agencies:

# Determination of business license if needed, Advertising regarding the openings, catch on hold with the business taxes laws. For your further safety, Search the laws which is related to insurance.

*Select a location for your agency:

# To increase the access for your clients and applicants, you will have to choose a professional accessible location.

*Register the company:

# To setup a maid agency register the agency under a business code. There are two types of codes, one for agencies responsible for headhunting and the other one is for business activities since you are going with agency registration go with the first one.

*Business office:

# Establish a working business office where people can get in touch with you and applicants have a choosing option from your office space based on their budget and requirements.

*Apply for agency license:

# It is necessary for all the agencies as well companies which takes part in employment agency activities communicating with all the all the applicants looking for job which includes security bond.

*Registration of Tax:

# Services provided by the agencies are taxable at the rate of 12%, so here by the agencies have to obtain Service tax registration. Small agencies that don't provide services more than ten lakhs in a year don't have to pay the service tax. ESI registration sometimes would be mandatory.

*Registering with ministry of Indian affairs:

# If the agency is involved or going to be involved in business for overseas employment, then it must be registered. The application must be submitted to the concern office of Indian affairs as Recruiting agent.

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